Career Stylr

Career Stylr


We were tasked with developing a fresh new brand and sexy Wordpress Website for a career employment guru Pam Foster. The projects goals were to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable for her customers.

Using the values of easy, enjoyable and fresh. We redeveloped the brand to be scalable but still communicate ease and fun.

The check or tick symbol synonymous with completion or achievement. This proved to be the right fit to lockup with the 1 letter symbol execution paired up with a balance of playful and serious typefaces to show she means business, but also being fun.

Using the values of fun and fresh we selected a balance of greens, pale orange with a balance of midnight blue helped create a strong foundation for helping Career Stylr stand out in the market.


Career Stylr


Custom Wordpress Website
Woocommerce Integrated Site
Logo Design

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